Ford Hybrid Cars and All-Electric Ford Vehicles Unveil Fuel-Efficient Strategy

By dancurranjr On April 10th, 2009

ford-electric-concept-connectFord Motor Company has unveiled plans to deliver some exciting fuel-efficient strategies for consumers. While there are questions raised about the future of General Motors and Chrysler, Ford has already outlined new all-electric automobile solutions. The automaker plans to move its portfolio to all-electric vehicles.

“In 10 years, 12 years, you are going to see a major portion of our portfolio move to electric vehicles,” Ford CEO Alan Mulally said in a statement.

The company appears to be on track to bring all-electric cars and plug-in hybrid vehicles to market starting next year. The new hybrids are using a next-generation technology of lithium ion batteries which are widely used in consumer electronics. Ford will also begin selling a new commercial Transit Connect van starting next year.

“You’ll see more hybrids, but you will really see a lot more electric vehicles,” Mulally said.

The Ford Transit Connect van will have a range of 100 miles on a single charge. The van will offer top speeds of 70 miles per hour. This is one of the most exciting features for an automobile which is powered by electric energy.

New Ford hybrid cars and all-electric vehicles could offer more than 100 miles per gallon.

Ford will release a new plug-in version of one of its current hybrid vehicles. The car will get 120 miles per gallon for the first 30 miles and then the vehicle will get 40 miles per gallon. This automobile will be perfect for in-town travel, but still offers the traditional hybrid mileage for longer distances.

Ford Pricing on New Hybrid Cars and Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Prices for the electric and plug-in hybrid cars will be in the slight premium range, according to Ford. The new automobile prices will be comparable to what consumers pay for hybrids today. However, prices could even drop further if electric vehicles bring a higher volume of battery manufacturing.


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