Fabio And Electric Cars, Together At Last

By dancurranjr On December 4th, 2010

You know what those electric cars need? Some hair flowing in the wind, a strong jawline, and major beefcake appeal.

Or at least that’s what Plug In America is hoping you want. They’ve decided to use Fabio, the man who can’t believe it’s not butter, as the face of their new PSA, which touts the benefits of driving a battery-powered car. The Fabio spot highlights the greenwashing tactics of oil companies, and though he comes in at the tail end, has no dialogue, and is referred to as “the face,” the nonprofit advocacy group is hoping he’ll still make you want to watch.

“We needed someone who was the epitome of handsome, manly and suave,” says Plug In America board member Alexandra Paul, who produced the Fabio PSA. ”Fabio happens to own a lot of fast cars and motorcycles and was very impressed with the high performance of the Tesla in which he was driven to the set,” Paul commented.

A new PSA will be released every three weeks through February, and will aim to educate viewers about some of the simple benefits of electric cars— like fewer maintenance costs and performance capabilities.

If Fabio pulled up in an electric car and was looking for an outlet, we’d plug him in, just saying

SOURCE: EcoRazzi

Steve Ballmer’s “Awesome” New Ford Hybrid

By dancurranjr On June 9th, 2009

Times are tough for car makers, so Ford’s CEO Alan Mulally is going the extra mile by delivering cars to customers himself.

Unfortunately you have to be CEO of a very large company to qualify. Here’s Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer taking possession of his new Ford Fusion Hybrid at the software company’s Seattle-area campus.

“This is awesome!” Ballmer declared, before climbing into the car for a quick seminar on how it works. He didn’t seem too interested in the fuel consumption figures, but said his wife insisted on a hybrid.

The car was the millionth with Ford’s SYNC system — powered by Microsoft technology — which allows you to control a phone and play music with voice commands. So people in the back seat can embarrass you by shouting “Play Abba”.

The high-octane double-act of Ballmer and Mulally — CEO pitch-men par excellence — seals an interesting alliance between Seattle and Detroit. Ford’s Mulally lived in the Seattle area in his 30-plus years at Boeing’s nearby commercial plane operations, while Ballmer’s father — who raised his family in and around Detroit — was a long-time Ford employee, starting in the company’s financing unit in 1950.

SOURCE: Reuters

Student-Built Hybrid Draws National Attention

By dancurranjr On May 14th, 2009

xprizeEnvironmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson came to West Philadelphia High School’s auto garage today to see first hand the award-winning cars a group of teenage students are producing.

The school’s Electric Vehicle X-Prize teams are building hybrids that can go from zero to sixty in less than 4 seconds and get 100 miles per gallon. They have already beat companies like Toyota and Honda by building the world’s first hybrid supercar.

Now they’re poised to be a top contender for the X Competition next spring which carries a $10 million prize.

“There’s so much to gain for urban youth and people around the world jumping on the green economy,” said sophomore Azeem Hill. “So many people need jobs.”

The EVX team started 11 years ago as an after-school program. The students have a budget of about $200,000. The big question is, how are they beating companies with millions at their disposal?

“It’s the fact that we’re not a big established company and not complicated,” said senior Eric Yates. “But we’re showing the world that if you understand the basics, look what kids in inner city Philadelphia – and youth all over – can do.”

These humble kids say they’re just trying to drive the market forward and open doors for inner city workers. EPA Administrator Jackson had nothing but good things to say.

“The president has said the green economy has to touch everyone,” she said during her visit today. “This is a great example of the administrators, teachers and sponsors knowing what is needed, and putting kids on the right track.”


Video: The Making of the Honda Insight

By dancurranjr On May 2nd, 2009

Ford shows off 2010 Fusion Hybrid – With Video

By dancurranjr On April 19th, 2009

Ford Motor showed off its new 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid at a media event in Seattle.

The gas-electric midsize car, rated at 41 mpg in city driving, is just hitting the market.

The car sports SmartGauge technology, which includes dashboard readouts that Ford says “coaches” a driver on gas mileage. Among other things, the gauge shows a plant cluster — leaves are added when the car’s fuel efficiency increases and drop as the efficiency declines.

SOURCE: Seattle Times