A Review of the Chevy Silverado Hybrid

By dancurranjr On June 7th, 2009

silveradoChevy has created the world’s first 2-mode hybrid truck. It has a battery pack that helps the truck accelerate from a resting stop, when vehicles have their worst gas mileage. The battery packs are recharged by braking the vehicle. Chevy offers the system on many of their vehicles now and it results in huge increases in city gas mileage. The normal crew cab Silverado provides 14mpg city and 19 or 20mpg on the highway. The Silverado Hybrid performs at 21mpg city and 22mpg highway. You’ll be stopping at the gas station less with the 50 percent fuel mileage increase. The highway mileage isn’t nearly as improved because the hybrid system only benefits the car when accelerating at low speeds. I originally thought Chevy would ship the hybrid with a weaker/smaller engine, but this was not the case. The hybrid actually receives the largest engine of the Silverados with a 6.0L V8 that produces 332 horsepower and 367 torque. Don’t worry about pulling your boat either with a 6,100-pound trailering capability.

Upsides: Fantastic fuel mileage combined with Chevy’s extremely capable truck platform produces a very well-rounded package.

Downsides: You can’t really find any Silverado Hybrids. According to Chevy’s Web site, there weren’t any listed in the Houston area. This was supposed to be a slow roll-out, so more are sure to turn up.

Price: $39,015 for 2WD.

Final thoughts: Again, here is another baby step in the right direction for Chevy. The troubled automaker announced their bankruptcy recently, but Chevy will remain around in one form or another. I got the pleasure to drive the Silverado Hybrid to Fort Worth and very much enjoyed the trip. The truck is very responsive and I averaged 20.4 MPG for the entire time I had the truck. I don’t think too many trucks can make the trip to DFW for $30 in gas, especially in crew cab form. The truck also came with many accessories like a soft tonneau cover for the bed and bluetooth for wireless cell connectivity that is included in the price.

SOURCE: The Tribune

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