AT&T to Spend $565M on Ford Hybrids

By dancurranjr On March 18th, 2009

2010_ford_fusion_mediumAT&T said it would spend up to $565 million over the next decade on more than 15,000 hybrid and natural gas-powered vehicles, with Ford Motor Co. as the major beneficiary.

The telecommunications giant said the move was not just an environmental decision, but an effort to help restart the U.S. economy, estimating the spending would create or save 1,000 jobs over the next five years.

“While there are no easy solutions to the challenges facing our nation, this investment is a first step on our part to help boost other industries while at the same time encouraging wider use and production of efficient vehicles and domestic fuel alternatives,” said AT&T Chief Executive Randall Stephenson.

AT&T said it would spend about $350 million on 8,000 compressed natural gas vehicles, mostly trucks, and approximately $215 million to begin replacing its passenger cars with alternative-fuel models.

The company will initially buy the trucks from Ford and have them converted by other firms to run on natural gas. It also plans to push for 40 new natural gas fueling stations to be built in the states where it operates.

AT&T said it planned to replace 7,100 passenger cars over the next decade with hybrids or other advanced-technology vehicles, depending on when such technology becomes available.

Ford has said it would double its hybrid production this year, with the Fusion and Milan sedans joining the Escape and Mariner sport utility vehicles in its hybrid lineup.


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