Hollywood Hybrids: EcoNation Car Service in Los Angeles

By dancurranjr On February 24th, 2009

econationSustainable living, saving fuel, clean air, and living Green are buzz words that are heard on a daily basis, particularly on the West coast. Everyone is into living healthy, looking good, and eating natural, but everyone drives their cars. Now thanks to EcoNation Car Service in Los Angeles, Angelinos have the opportunity to do their party to live Green. Not only will using EcoNation Car Service in lieu of driving ones car serve as a commitment toward sustainable living, but also will save fuel and help to reduce C02 emissions in a city that already has smog problems.

EcoNation Car Service in Los Angeles is the west coast version of the east coast car service in terms of convenience except EcoNation Car Service is designed to operate as an environmentally friendly business. Angelinos can expect to be chauffeured to their destination in a brand new top of the line hybrid or a state of the art vehicle that uses alternative fuel vehicle. This is not to say your vehicle won’t be flashy. EcoNation Car Service in Los Angeles just may show up to your digs to chauffeur you to LAX in a tricked out environmentally friendly vehicle.

EcoNation Car Service is fairly new to the area and Angelinos are enjoying the convenience of not having to drive to the airport. That being said advance reservations are required to insure on time arrival to your destination. Try to contact the environmentally car service at least 24 hours in advance.

As EcoNation Car Service grows, so do their services. Clients focused on living Green can expect the rewards of giving back to the earth by enjoying the soon to be activated in-car Internet access. As if that is not enough, EcoNation Car Service plans to add digital entertainment programming to their hybrid fleet.

Travel days seem to be the busiest days and the days when travelers pay less attention to their regular meal habits and tend to eat on the run. Now clients of EcoNation Car Service in Los Angeles can stay on track with their lifestyle while enjoying tasty healthy munchies that are stocked in the hybrid fleet.

This is a great way to get on board with sustainable living and making a contribution to save the environment.

The Web site provides rates based on pick up and drop off points. For more information on EcoNation call 310-312-0820 or visit the Web site today. Customer inquiries can also be made at info@econation.com.

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