Citroen Confirms DS5 Diesel-Hybrid for 2011

By dancurranjr On May 4th, 2009

citroen_ds5-diesel-hybridModern turbodiesel powertrains already match petrol-electric hybrids in fuel-economy and often outmatches them when it comes to driveability and performance, but a combination of the two separate technologies could provide a perfect blend of performance and economy. French auto giant PSA Peugeot-Citroen group is at the forefront of the technology, already previewing a number of concept vehicles packing diesel engines and electric motors under its Hymotion4 moniker.

The carmaker has now confirmed that its first diesel-electric hybrid will arrive on the market in 2011 in the upcoming Citroen DS5 – the third model in Citroen’s new premium range of cars, which will include a smaller DS3 and DS4.

Development is still in the early stages but PSA is confident of a “considerable fuel saving” and a drop of up to 35% in carbon dioxide emissions compared to a similar sized petrol model. The Hymotion4 system is offered with AWD capability, however, the design eliminates the associated heavy weight of AWD vehicles by using two powerplants in the car. By putting the diesel drivetrain up front, where it can drive the front wheels, and the electric motor at the rear, where it drives the rear wheels, PSA has eliminated the need for heavy and bulky transfer cases, driveshafts and differentials.

As for the DS5, which will debut the diesel-hybrid system, it is expected to be a premium hatch/crossover due for launch in 2011. Its styling will be influenced by the DS Inside Concept from last month’s Geneva Motor Show, though it will be significantly bigger than the show car.

SOURCE: Motor Authority

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