Infinity Moving Forward with Diesel-Hybrid Essence Concept

By dancurranjr On March 16th, 2009

essence-infinitySince the beginning of the Hybrid race, most of the focus has been put on gasoline electrics and finding ways to improve them. Others have also been researched but many of them, for the most part, have remained out of the spotlight. One such example is the diesel hybrid drivetrain. While some have discussed its feasibility, most pass right over it and move to something else. Thankfully, Infinity has decided to design their own diesel electric hybrid and hopefully move it into production.

Unveiled at a few days ago at the Geneva Motor Show, the Infinity Essence Concept could be among the first vehicles to be equipped with a diesel electric drivetrain. Currently, the concept is hiding a 3.7 liter turbocharged V6 under the hood but, according to a Lexus spokeswoman, their priority for the European market is to put a vehicle into production that is powered by a V6 diesel hybrid drivetrain.

While a diesel hybrid system will most likely be more efficient than its petroleum counterpart, it will also be more expensive to build and therefore have a higher price off the lot. One can argue it will pay for itself much more quickly, but until fuel estimates are released that will remain unknown.

Nissan is confident that if they do more forward with a diesel hybrid drivetrain, people will be interested. “Customers willing to pay for a diesel hybrid would be in the luxury segment.” according to the spokeswoman.

If the concept does see production, Nissan plans on releasing it as early as next year.

SOURCE: InventorSpot

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