Ford Takes Baby Steps into Eco Friendly Cars

By dancurranjr On December 13th, 2010

And by baby steps, we mean very much baby steps. While Nissan has the Leaf and the European Car of the Year Award and Chevy has the Volt and pretty much every North American green car award ever, Ford is…looking at using recycled cotton in some of its products. Look, there’s a real strategy at work here. Ford wants to build a strategy by which it can easily switch between making traditional gasoline cars and electric or EV cars, presumably because the maker of the world’s largest pickup trucks doesn’t believe that green cars are more than a trend. In the meantime, however, recycled cotton it is!

We should say though that there is method in Ford’s madness. There will be an electric Ford Focus based on the 2012 Mark III model as well as a hybrid version. The strategy is about flexibility and cost savings since the traditional version and fuel efficient version will share components. Ford may come out with a win on this idea.

For now though, Ford will be incorporating recycled cottons into the carpet backing and sound absorption material. This is a big deal for the 107-year old company and isn’t the first move of this nature. Ford has actually worked to decrease landfill mass by using old clothes in their next-generation Focus. The company also uses soy foam seat cushions and uses recycled materials for their underbody systems and seat covers as well as natural-fiber plastic for interior components.

Let’s be real. In the end, Ford’s slower roll into eco friendly cars using more manageable steps instead of making a full shift to creating perfectly environmentally friendly cars that consumers may not actually want may be the right move. After all, according to a recent Consumer Reports study, although Americans want to be more environmentally friendly with their vehicles, they’re probably not ready for fully electric cars – or even most hybrids.

SOURCE: Tiny Green Bubble

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