BMW To Make Hybrid Car

By dancurranjr On October 9th, 2008

BMW will make its new luxury 7-Series available in a hybrid drive version with a concept vehicle to be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, the car maker has announced. The first versions of the 7-Series hybrid drive serial-production version will be presented in 2009, said a BMW spokesman.

The Concept 7 Series ActiveHybrid combines a 300 kW/407 hp combustion engine with a 15 kW electric motor that reduces fuel consumption by 15 per cent compared to a standard model, according to the car maker.

The new BMW 7 also comes with a host of new fuel-saving technologies such as brake regeneration energy, on-demand management of ancillary units, lightweight materials and tires with reduced roll resistance.The electric motor is fully integrated into the gearbox.

This provides additional acceleration power and energy for onboard electric appliances. In addition, the motor acts as a generator, collecting energy from brake regeneration and storing it in a lithium-ion battery in the boot.

Full electric drive is however not possible at this time. But a full hybrid model, with a limited capacity to run entirely on electric power, is planned for the BMW X6 model next year, the spokesman said.

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