Lexus RX Hybrid to Make Debut at European Show

By dancurranjr On March 22nd, 2009

lexusThe new Lexus RX hybrid made its European debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

Using breakthrough hybrid technology, the new RX hybrid emits just 148g/km CO2 without any compromise in power, luxury or size. Since the 2005 launch of the ground-breaking RX 400h, Lexus have sold 780 in Ireland. On sale from July 2009, the new Lexus RX hybrid introduces second generation Lexus Hybrid Drive technology to the world’s best selling premium crossover. The new drive-train employs a highly efficient, petrol engine and two powerful electric motors working in tandem to provide an ‘intelligent’ electric 4wheel drive capability.

Comprehensive enhancements to every aspect of the Lexus Hybrid Drive system have affected an increase in engine power, a significant reduction in fuel consumption and remarkably low CO2 emissions Unlike mild hybrids, which employ supplementary electric motor power purely to boost petrol engine performance, the RX hybrid is a full hybrid capable of operating in both petrol and electric modes separately, as well as a combination of both.

The fuel efficiency and performance of the RX hybrid drive system have been further enhanced through the adoption of three new driving modes; ECO, EV(electric vehicle) and snow. Via the steering wheel mounted Multi-information switch, access to EV mode allows the RX hybrid to be driven under electric motor power alone.

With vehicle range dictated by battery charge, the EV drive mode allows for zero emissions during urban driving. Because the petrol engine is switched off throughout its operation, the EV drive mode contributes to a significant reduction in the RX hybrid’s overall fuel consumption.

SOURCE: Fingal Independent

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