MR2 Revived As A Hybrid Coupe

By dancurranjr On March 27th, 2009

mr2Toyota has confirmed its MR2 replacement will feature Prius drivetrain technology. Not so sporty then?

Since 1984 the lithe, mid-engined performance cars bearing the MR2 moniker have endeared themselves to enthusiasts with their blend of Toyota reliability and rear-wheel drive handling characteristics. Production ceased in 2007.

Replacing the redoubtable little roadster will be a hardtop coupe, with design parameters attempting to balance performance and environmental responsibility.

In essence Toyota wishes to have a 7 second 0-100km/h sprint time and 4.7l/100km average consumption, which is all very laudable.

To achieve these figures, a tweaked Prius drivetrain will be employed, configured to rear-wheel drive to ensure optimal driving dynamics. In the MR2 replacement a paddle-shift gearbox will replace the Prius CVT transmission too.

Styling for the MR2 replacement will cue strongly form the FT-HS concept Рshown locally at JIMS last year. With Honda’s Honda CR-Z due next year, expect the MR2 replacement to arrive about the same time.

SOURCE: Wheels 24

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