Tesla Model S First Official Teaser Photo Appears

By dancurranjr On February 12th, 2009

tesla-sWhen AutoGreenBlogspoke with Tesla spokeswoman Rachel Konrad yesterday about some of the statements made CEO Elon Musk in the most recent company newsletter, she promised a teaser shot was on its way.

That image has arrived and although we can’t see much, there are some conclusions that can be drawn. Compared to the arch-rival Fisker Karma, the Model S appears to be significantly shorter. That’s most obvious in the front end since the Tesla doesn’t have to accommodate an engine for the range extender.

The passenger compartment also appears to be larger than the Karma. With its five door hatch body style, the Model S should also provide more utility than the Fisker. We’ll just have to wait until March 26 to see the whole car.

Source: AutoGreenBlog

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