Toyota Hoping Big Stars Hit The Oscars In Next-Generation Prius

By dancurranjr On February 22nd, 2009

econationWhen people think of the word “hybrid”, for most, the Toyota Prius is the first image that pops into their heads. No other eco car has become more a symbol of the modern day green movement — and Hollywood has been a large part of that success. As discussed previously, Toyota made a very wise move by approaching celebrities and getting them into the vehicle before others. Now, with the 2010 next-generation version of the car, they’re hoping for a repeat blockbuster. All they need are some high-profile actors and actresses behind the wheel.

So while the Academy Awards may not be all flashy green this year, Toyota is hoping that eco-concious celebs will hit the red carpet — and introduce the world — to its new incarnation of the iconic hybrid. It’s teamed up with Econation — a company that provides green alternatives to taxis, limos and buses — to chauffeur folks to the red carpet this Sunday. A press release yesterday hinted that such names as Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio, Rosario Dawson, and Adrien Grenier may be participants.

We’ve no doubt that DiCaprio will choose some form of green transportation. He’s probably the most consistent in going this route for awards shows and other events. For the Golden Globes, he arrived in a black Prius; likewise, at the opening of a new Armani store in NYC this week, he took a hybrid limousine.

Of course, the Prius won’t be the only option available for green Hollywood. Luxury car-maker Audi is loaning some of its new diesel-powered Q7 TDIs to select nominees as well.

Source: Ecorazzi

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