A Fusion Hybrid for just $15,500? Scam-Watch!

By dancurranjr On May 29th, 2009

ford-fusionWe’re all used to American automakers offering huge factory incentives – and losing lots of profit in the process – but an e-mail this week claiming Ford was offering its new 2010 Fusion Hybrid for $11,700 off the current sticker was rather suspicious. (If anyone believed this, I’ve got some hot stock from Chrysler to sell you).

The e-mail’s poor English grammar looks straight off the translated website of any Chinese manufacturer, but according to the Detroit Free Press, the scheme to collect “installments through the bank” is similar to Nigerian banking scams from a few years back. The culprit, Ford says, is likely from Europe. Making this scam truly international was the signature from “Gary Settles, Ford Sales Manager,” who according to Autoblog is actually the sales manager of a Kentucky Ford dealership and not from Dearborn headquarters.

“Per our statement on the media site, the e-mail sender does not represent Ford and no such program exists,” wrote Ford spokesman Steve Kinkade in an e-mail to the Globe.

The real hybrid price war is between the Insight and Prius, with Toyota last month cutting the base price of its 2010 Prius to $21,000 after Honda stole the limelight with its cheaper Insight.

Dear Mr/Ms,

Due to the World Economy Recession, Ford Motor Company, Inc undergo a
statistic fall in Sales and result in a drastic financial crisis this last

The United States Government has given us the opportunity to bounce back
on our feet, but unfortunately we have not achieved the fund necessary.

Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to purchase a very good Auto at
half of the price. We decided to pull the sales of 500 cars at a very low
price for us to aquire the capital needed to bounce back in business and
to use this medium to increase the scale of our valued customers.

We offer Ford Fusion HYBRID Model 2010:
Pricing Information: $15,500
Vehicle Features:
Transmission: Aisin Powersplit eCVT Auto
Package: HYBRID
Model: High Version
Engine: 2.5L Atkinson I4
Exterior: White Platinum Tri-Coat Met
Interior: Charcoal Black
VIN: 3FADP0L34AR136254 (more information in the file attached)

The payment shall be made in installments through the bank at 1 month
after signing the contract.
If you are interested in this offer please fill out the contact form, A
representative will contact you about this vehicle within five business

Gary Settles,
Ford Sales Manager
Ford Motor Company
P.O. Box 6248
Dearborn, MI 48126

SOURCE: Boston.com

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