BenZhou Group Introduces High Speed Electric & Hybrid Scooters

By dancurranjr On February 28th, 2009

benzhou-electric-scooterBenZhou Motorcycle Group, based in Taizhou, China, is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality scooters since over 12 years. Recently BenZhou ventured into the field of Electric Scooters and quickly became one of the leading exporters of Electric Scooters to over 40 countries with over 50 different models of scooters shipping over 2,00,000 units a year.

Now, with the ever increasing demand of high speed electric scooters and alternative energy, BenZhou group has introduced a new range of High Speed Electric & Hybrid scooters. Although electric scooters are very new for a lot of countries, there has been a huge increase in sales since last year, as people look to move away from gasoline vehicles to electric & hybrid ones. Until now the biggest problem with the electric scooters was the low speeds and long charging times, both of which are solved in the High speed (2000w – 3500w giving over 70kph speed) with Lithium batteries (under 90 min charging time). The Hybrid Scooters range from 500w/50cc up to 3500w/150cc, with our own EPA/DOT/EEC Certifications.

BenZhou Motorcycle Group has their own factories, with over 1,000 employees, to build the Steel Frames, Plastic Parts, Lights, Painting & Electric components in-house, this has ensured the very best in quality and service over the years. From designing, research & production, till marketing, logistics & exporting, BenZhou Group implements a 6Sigma management process to ensure the absolute best quality as well as service.

SOURCE: Webwire

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