Car MPG Comparison: Hybrid, EV or Plug-in?

By dancurranjr On December 12th, 2010

Car technology offers more choices to consumers these days, but it seems the variety of choices when it comes to fuel-efficient cars has also posed a problem for those who could not seem to decide what type of vehicle to buy.

Among the competing choices when it comes to Miles Per Gallon or MPG efficiency are cars classified as Plug-in Hybrids, EV and Hybrid.

New hybrids include the BMW ActiveHybrid 7 and L version as well as the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid FWD. Experts claim the Lincoln Hybrid has the best MPG figure while the BMW Hybrid has the worst MPG figure.

Plug-in hybrids like the Chevy Volt, are cars that combine the features of an EV and the hybrid. The Nissan Leaf, which is due for release in the US this month, is the most anticipated model.

Despite the demand for fuel-efficient cars, Michigan-based auto industry analyst Alan Baum however said the discontinuance of General Motors hybrids plus the decline in the Honda Civic Hybrid sales dragged the 2010 hybrid market down.

Other popular hybrid models like the Prius however increased compared to last year. The Ford Fusion experienced a 7 percent jump in sales while the Honda Insight added a 9.5 percent sales figure.

Baum, who has been running auto market forecasts since the 1980s however sees a brighter picture for hybrid vehicles in 2011.

“With gas prices on the upswing and the retail market recovering, the market for hybrids and other electric vehicles should recover nicely over the next several months and years,” Baum said. “Of course, the explosion of new product will also be a plus.”

He said that with the debut of plug-in hybrids like the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf comes the steady growth of regular hybrids.

“The large number of new hybrid entrants from many automakers, many of which will be low volume, collectively will provide reasonable growth prospects.”

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