Fabio And Electric Cars, Together At Last

By dancurranjr On December 4th, 2010

You know what those electric cars need? Some hair flowing in the wind, a strong jawline, and major beefcake appeal.

Or at least that’s what Plug In America is hoping you want. They’ve decided to use Fabio, the man who can’t believe it’s not butter, as the face of their new PSA, which touts the benefits of driving a battery-powered car. The Fabio spot highlights the greenwashing tactics of oil companies, and though he comes in at the tail end, has no dialogue, and is referred to as “the face,” the nonprofit advocacy group is hoping he’ll still make you want to watch.

“We needed someone who was the epitome of handsome, manly and suave,” says Plug In America board member Alexandra Paul, who produced the Fabio PSA. ”Fabio happens to own a lot of fast cars and motorcycles and was very impressed with the high performance of the Tesla in which he was driven to the set,” Paul commented.

A new PSA will be released every three weeks through February, and will aim to educate viewers about some of the simple benefits of electric cars— like fewer maintenance costs and performance capabilities.

If Fabio pulled up in an electric car and was looking for an outlet, we’d plug him in, just saying

SOURCE: EcoRazzi

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