Ford Fusion Ad Campaign Emphasizes Fuel Economy

By dancurranjr On March 2nd, 2009

ford fusionFord Motor Co. plans to launch an advertising blitz tomorrow night for the revamped 2010 Ford Fusion and its hybrid model, even though the mid-sized sedan isn’t scheduled to arrive in dealerships until next month.

Chantel Lenard, Ford’s group marketing manager for global small and medium cars, said the four-month ad campaign aims to boost consumer awareness. Three 30-second TV commercials are set to debut tomorrow night on Fox’s “American Idol.”

The commercials emphasize three messages: that the hybrid and gasoline-fueled Fusions are the most fuel-efficient mid-sized sedans in America; that the hybrid can go as far as 700 miles between fill-ups; and that Ford’s exclusive Sync infotainment system is available on the Fusion.

The tag line is: “We Speak Car.”

At a press event here today, Lenard said 60 percent of consumers who are shopping for a mid-sized car are aware of the Fusion. Ford wants to raise that rate with the new ads, she said.

Industry analyst Jim Hall of 2953 Analytics said the Fusion Hybrid can bring new customers to Ford. He said the hybrid’s city fuel economy rating of 41 mpg will get buyers’ attention.

Asked whether the Fusion Hybrid can compete against Toyota’s hybrids, such as the Camry and Prius, Hall said: “If they market it well, you’re darn tootin’. But what is important is what happens after four months.”

For the Fusion to be a lasting success, Hall said, Ford must continue to promote it after the launch campaign.

Ford executives declined to disclose spending for the campaign. The automaker is giving the Fusion a heavy makeover, including new engines and transmissions and the availability of all-wheel drive.

SOURCE: Automotive News

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