Piaggio MP3 Hybrid To Be First Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle in US

By dancurranjr On March 17th, 2009

piaggio-mp3-hybrid-11Motorbike manufacturer Piaggio has announced that the Piaggio MP3 Hybrid will be launched in America during the first quarter of 2010, making it the first affordable plug-in hybrid vehicle of any kind available in the US.

The news was revealed by Piaggio Group USA President and CEO Paolo Timoni, who also told reporters that the MP3 trike will be capable of achieving a hyper-efficient 141 mpg, all for a price as low as $8 or $9,000.

Users will be able to plug the MP3 Hybrid into a standard mains electric socket and fully charge the battery pack in three hours, enabling a battery-only range of up to 40 miles.

In addition to electric-only, the MP3 Hybrid can also be switched to one of three other hybrid-modes, designed respecively to maximize performance, minimize fuel consumption or quickly recharge batteries.

In ‘max-performance’ mode acceleration can be supercharged by an astonishing 85%, enabling riders to go from 0-60 mph in a zippy 5 seconds, equivalent to a much beefier 250cc scooter.

SOURCE: Gas 2.0

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