World’s First Hybrid Motorcycle Revealed: 280 mpg, 40 mph Top Speed, $850

By dancurranjr On December 29th, 2009

Between kleptomaniacs, zippy $900 Hondas, and VW’s unexpected Suzuki takeover, India has earned more than its usual share of two-wheeled headlines of late. And here’s another to add to the mix: Bangalore’s Eko Vehicles has unveiled what they’re claiming will be the world’s first hybrid motorcycle.

The Eko ET-120 (which is more of a scooter than a motocycle, really) runs on a 70cc gasoline-powered engine that works in conjunction with a battery system to produce the power and torque of a 120cc powerplant. The gas engine yields 100 mpg, while the hybrid system should produce a combined total of 280 mpg. Emissions are claimed to be reduced three-fold. And best of all, retail price is expected to be around $850 in India*.

While it’s easy to pooh pooh this ungainly looking ride for its Toyota Prius-like aspirations, considering its potential for smog reduction in places like India (or heck, even here in the States), I’m predicting the ET-120 might be one of the more significant (and controversial) two-wheeled offerings we’ll see in 2010.


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