‘Give Us Money to Build a Low-Cost Hybrid,’ Says Fisker

By dancurranjr On March 13th, 2009

fisker-karmaFisker Automotive is stumping for federal loans so it can build a plug-in hybrid for the people.

Hendrik Fisker told Reuters that if it could get loans from the Department of Energy, it could start the project this year, and get a car out 26 months after the start of the project.”

Fisker is aiming to bring its high-end plug-in, the Karma, to market later this year. The $87,500 car costs a little more than anticipated, but Fisker is already booking orders. If they make the deadline, Fisker will become one of the few companies working on hybrids and/or electrics to actually ship on time. General Motors delayed the Volt until 2010 and Tesla delayed its Model S sedan until 2011. (Tesla started producing Roadsters this year after some delays.) Fisker did not say how much money it wanted. Reuters interviewed him at the ongoing Geneva Auto Show.

Fisker and Tesla, in some ways, encapsulate the religious war in electric cars. Fisker is making a plug-in hybrid. Although the car will have a gas engine and consume gas, it will mostly rely on electricity. Tesla makes full electrics: It had planned to make plug-in hybrids but yanked it after a few months. Plug-ins cost less because they can get by on smaller batteries, onf of the big expenses in an electric car. In theory, therefore, it should be easier to build a cheaper plug-in than a cheaper all-electric.

Some electric fans like Tesla founder Elon Musk, though, claim that some types of hybrids, the series hybrid, actually don’t save that much cash. Fisker is a series hybrid.

SOURCE: GreenTech Media

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