Diesel-Hybrids Make a Clean Sweep

By dancurranjr On December 23rd, 2010

With a 60 mph top speed and scores of electric motors powering a variety of functions, the Allianz 4000 hybrid sweeper could be coming to a city near you.

Currently seeing action only in New York, the Allianz hybrid sweeper features a 6.7-liter Cummins diesel supplemented by two 12-volt li-ion batteries and an advanced electric-traction drive system. Allianz estimates that their new 4000 hybrid delivers a 40 percent fuel savings over a diesel-only sweeper.

Allianz’ sales manager, Chad Bormann, points out that these sweepers are not like ordinary light trucks, since sweepers need to propel themselves and spin their brooms at the same time, their differentials are built to run at a constant speed regardless, of how fast the sweeper itself travels. Bormann explains that the hybrid system gives Allianz’ new 4000 “the ability to operate using a smaller single diesel engine running at lower RPMs.

This alone creates savings against any street sweeper that requires an auxiliary engine in conjunction with the chassis engine to drive and operate the sweep functions. The fuel savings are extreme and the carbon footprint minimal considering that street sweepers are operated for long shifts daily all over the world.”

Pricing has yet to be set, but Bormann believes purchase price will play a very small role in a city’s decision to purchase and run the new hybrid sweepers. With environmental concerns and reduced oil-dependency being such hot topics in recent elections, he may be right!

SOURCE: Reuters

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