Israeli Government Goes Green, Buying Hybrid Cars

By dancurranjr On March 8th, 2009

israel-flagIn a trend which is sweeping the country, parts of the Israeli government will be joining the ‘green’ craze and purchasing hybrid cars for their fleets.

Following a three-year study weighing the pros and cons of hybrid vehicles, the defense establishment, Israel Police, and Israel Prison Service have published a tender for the purchase of the first 20 hybrid cars under a two-year contract with a two-year option to extend, and the possibility of including authorized government agencies, companies, and municipalities in orders for new cars.

Car industry sources expect the initial order to be increased, with additional cars ordered by agencies such as the Israel Electric Corporation.

Bidding for the government tender will pit only two companies – Toyota and Honda – against each other.

Last month, 19 Israeli companies signed cooperation agreements to test electric cars for their company fleets in the first stage of the electric car program of Israeli venture-company Better Place.

SOURCE: IsrealNationNews

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