Minnesota National Guard First To Go Green

By dancurranjr On June 1st, 2009

2010_ford_fusion_mediumThe Minnesota Army National Guard has an eco-friendly mission—they’re the first in the National Guard and the first military department in the state to go ‘green’ on the road.

On Thursday, Sgt. Major David Eustice took a ride on a new 2010 Ford Fusion parked outside of the recruitment headquarters in Roseville.

He’s in one of 23 new hybrids the Minnesota Army National Guard bought in the past few weeks.

“We love them. It’s a great vehicle. We were concerned how it would work, but it’s a great vehicle, gas mileage is fantastic,” Eustice said.

These two cars may look the same, but their older fleet vehicles only got about 23 miles to the gallon, whereas the new hybrid gets 40.

“We made a conscious decision using tax payer money to put money into technology rather than buying more gas,” Eustice explained.

The hybrid costs $3,000 more than what they used to pay. But since the new cars don’t need as much gas, they’ll break even in three years.

Eustice tells 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS they were concerned about their dependence on foreign energy and allowing fewer pollutants in the air—their new hybrids will reduce carbon emissions by 7.5 percent.

The Minnesota Army National Guard say they’re proud to set an example for all military and government agencies.


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