NYPD Blue Goes Green with Hybrid Cars

By dancurranjr On March 2nd, 2009

hybrid-police-carThe next time you get arrested in New York City, you might find yourself in a brand new NYPD hybrid vehicle. The police department is getting ready to deploy 40 Nissan Altima hybrids in the next two weeks. While some NYC cops already drive around in hybrids, this is the first time that the cars will be used on patrol.

The vehicles reportedly drive 35 miles per gallon — twice the range of the current police car fleet of Crown Victorias and Chevy Impalas. Hybrids run in near-silence, which may add an element of stealth when needed to the standard perp pursuit. New York City will test out its $1.1 million investment over the next few months to see if the hybrids can handle the grueling 24-hour NYPD schedule.

But at least one town has already deemed the hybrids inefficient for police work. “We’ve already done extensive research on hybrids. They don’t fit for police patrol work. On average, they cost $8,000 more per car and they don’t have the pickup needed for pursuits,”said Peter Cresci, the City Business Administrator of Bayonne, NJ.

Whether or not the hybrids can take a beating in the country’s biggest city, however, will determine their future in police work.

SOURCE: Fast Company

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