Plan Would Divvy up $1 Million to Hybrid Buyers

By dancurranjr On May 6th, 2009

irsPurchasers of hybrid vehicles wouldn’t have to pay their first year’s state registration fee under a plan being pursued by the Office of Energy Conservation.

Energy Office officials want to use $1 million in federal funding to offer the incentive to purchase the fuel-saving cars over the next three years.

Marty Ramirez, a spokesman for the Energy Office, told the Senate Finance Committee on Wednesday that he expects the request to be approved by the federal Energy Department.

Under the proposal, the buyer of a hybrid car would receive from the automobile dealer a certificate to present at the Department of Motor Vehicles. The DMV would accept the certificate as payment and bill the Energy Office for the registration fee.

“It will be on a first come, first served basis because there is no way to allocate it out to the dealers,” Ramirez said.

The average cost of the first year of registration for hybrid vehicles is about $500. The program would cover about 20,000 vehicles, Ramirez said.

The state should know by mid-June whether it can implement the program.

SOURCE: Las Vegas Sun

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