States Offer Communities Help Buying Hybrids

By dancurranjr On March 31st, 2009

Washington Prius PHEVA state energy agency announced this afternoon that businesses and public entities like municipalities can apply for federal stimulus money to help them buy hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles rather than cheaper but less efficient conventional models.

The Department of Energy Resources said the $300 million national program is intended to cover the price difference between the two categories of vehicles and help businesses and communities buy fuel-efficient models they could not otherwise afford. The agency said the grants would likely range from $2,000 for a hybrid car to $50,000 for a heavy-duty truck powered by compressed natural gas or hydrogen.

To qualify, businesses and public entities must send a letter of commitment by May 18 to the Department of Energy Resources, which will then pass the list on to the federal government. Program participants must buy their vehicles within a set time frame and keep them for at least three years.

SOURCE: Metro Daily News

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