Honda CR-Z and Fit Hybrid Planned for 2010

By dancurranjr On August 8th, 2009

honda-crzThe Honda CR-Z, when it first appeared at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2007 as a concept car, caused quite a stir, both good and bad.

Readers were reminded of the Honda CRX of the 1980s and the fond memories it evoked. At the same time, few admired the styling, especially the big-mouth front end.

On Monday, Honda announced that the CR-Z would move from concept to reality and that it would go on sale in the United States next year.

It will be a gas-electric hybrid, using the current Integrated Motor Assist that is found in the new Insight and Civic Hybrid. Honda said it was also working on a new hybrid system for midsize and large cars.

Details were still sketchy, but according to a news release, sales of the CR-Z will start in Japan in February 2010. The Fit Hybrid will be available in Japan by the end of 2010. While Honda has not announced the availability of the Fit Hybrid outside of Japan, the CR-Z has its own American micro site, where consumers can register for e-mail updates.

Honda said the letters CR-Z stand for Compact Renaissance Zero. Many people will think of the Honda CRX, which continues to be one of the more beloved cars from the 1980s.

SOURCE: New York Times

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