Kentucky Announces Hybrid-Battery Partnership

By dancurranjr On April 16th, 2009

hybrid_battery_packKentucky officials today announced a partnership that could advance “green” technologies.

The state will team with the universities of Kentucky and Louisville – as well as the Argonne National Laboratory – to establish a center to explore ways to bolster domestic production of batteries for hybrid electric vehicles.

The goals of the National Battery Manufacturing Research and Development Center will be to find ways to create a viable U.S. battery-making industry; make it easier for federal labs, universities, manufacturers, suppliers and end-users to collaborate; devise methods to lower production costs and speed commercialization. Currently, nearly all large-scale battery production is in Asia, according to officials.

They said the center will help the U.S. achieve energy independence, reduce greenhouse gas-emissions and strengthen the economy. The center is expected to be based in central Kentucky.

SOURCE: TriState Homepage

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