NYPD Get Mean, Green Hybrid Machines

By dancurranjr On May 10th, 2009

Hybrid Cars 2NYPD Green?

The Police Department rolled out 40 new alternative-fuel vehicles Thursday to be added to its 2,400-car fleet. The Nissan Altima hybrids will be deployed across the city – from congested midtown Manhattan to sprawling Staten Island.

The new cars cost $25,391 each, about $1,500 more than the Chevrolet Impalas that are widely used throughout the department.

Mayor Bloomberg pointed out that Altimas get more than double the gas mileage of the traditional squad cars.

“There’s every reason to believe that they will quickly more than cover the initial cost,” said Bloomberg at a news conference at Police Headquarters.

The city will pay for the cars in part with $1 million from an intra-agency energy conservation steering committee, Bloomberg said. The department is expected to buy 172 vehicles, police said.

The NYPD already has hybrids in its parking enforcement fleet and 10 green SUVs used by duty captains for marked patrol.

“Over the years, the Police Department has embraced technology in many ways,” said Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly.

“What we’re looking to do is take advantage of technology as far as vehicle fuel efficiency is concerned, as long as it doesn’t compromise officer safety or performance.”

The vehicles – 18 marked and 22 unmarked – are part of the city’s plan to reduce energy consumption in government buildings and operations by 30% over the next eight years.

Bloomberg said the city is trying to take the lead on going green.

“If we can do it, we think it’ll be a good example for everyone,” he said.

SOURCE: NY Daily News

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