Future Toyota Hybrids Offer Plug In Solutions For Ultimate Fuel Economy

By dancurranjr On May 26th, 2009

plug-in-hybrid-car-phevThe era of the gasoline engine appears to be coming to an end, as automakers including Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc, are delivering some new ideas and future car concepts. Some of the electric vehicles are good enough to appear in science-fiction movies, but are here today as future concepts. We review the Hybrid X and the Toyota A-BAT.

The Hybrid X changes the model rule book for hybrid models with alternative creative solutions that could become the standard for future hybrid designs. A key element is Vibrant Clarity, which includes primary design principles. This offers sustainable mobility for modern families, the environmentally advanced technology is another step closer to Toyota’s vision of a zero smog-forming emission future.

The futuristic exterior shape of the Hybrid X offers an original and clear visionary insight to the interior. Inside the car, the driver sets the mood using an internal interface that controls lighting, music and even smell via a perfume diffuser. Technological innovations in interactive navigation, driving information and comfort control allow perfect driver control at the touch of a screen.

Complementary with the ecological technology at the core of the automaker’s vision of the future, Hybrid X offers not only an environmentally advanced driving experience, but a completely innovative way of providing comfort.

The A-BAT is similar to the Hybrid X but offers customers more versatility including the ability to haul a standard 4×8 sheet of plywood, then taking a family on a camping trip. It features a four-foot bed with more versatility than the standard pickup truck. The translucent roof panel slides open to allow for tall cargo in the cab; and the bed extends two feet when the pass-through mid gate is folded down into the cab.

The rugged exterior of the A-BAT is contrasted by the four-passenger modern interior. The door trim, shoulder, armrest and instrument panel pads and seat cushions are made of a tough, lightweight and comfortable material that can be selected for personalization. In addition, the colors are harmonized to enhance the sleek interior environment.

Inside, the A-BAT includes a retractable portable navigation unit with a seven-inch diagonal screen and Wi-Fi Internet. Other advanced features include a port for portable device assistant synchronization and a hard drive for digital music. The solar panels on the dash recapture energy from the sun to assist in the charging of the navigation unit, portable power pack and backlit information displays.


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