Kia Debuts Forte LPI Hybrid in Korea

By dancurranjr On March 30th, 2009

kia-forteTo meet the demand from consumers and the U.S. government, many of the automakers in America are hard at work on hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles like the Chevy Volt. American automakers aren’t the only one working hard on hybrid vehicles and Kia has introduced its hybrid for the Korean market today.

The vehicle is called the Kia Forte LPI hybrid electric vehicle (HEV). The Forte LPI HEV uses a 1.6L direct injection engine that develops 114 horsepower and an electric motor that adds an additional 20 HP.

The car uses new LG Chem lithium polymer batteries, which are lighter and smaller than more common nickel-metal hydride batteries in most hybrid vehicles. Chevy’s Volt will also use the same type of batteries.

Kia says that the vehicle is capable of 17.2 kilometers per liter of LPG fuel, which is equivalent to 41 MPG in the U.S. according to Kia World. Other features of the car include redesigned front and rear bumpers to differentiate the Forte LPI hybrid form other Kia vehicles. The car also has LED taillights and a Super Vision instrument cluster for its hybrid power train along with a navigation system.

The car is expected to hit the Korean market in August and may be launched in other markets where there is an excellent LPG distribution system — namely China. The vehicle will not be coming to America, the standard Forte will be all American drivers can purchase.

SOURCE: Daily Tech

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