Partnership will Transform Normal Cars into Hybrids and Plug-In Electrics

By dancurranjr On April 11th, 2009

evolve-it-motorsA unique green project is coming to the Suncoast.  It’s a partnership that will transform normal cars into gas-sipping hybrids and plug-in electrics.

High Output Engineering transforms high horsepower cars into even higher performance.  And soon, that muscle car heaven will go green.  “We feel that this new green technology that’s coming out and the ability to get away from fossil fuels and do more electric car stuff is rather exciting for us.  And we’re excited for the fact that we’re able to make these automobiles not only affordable, but they are efficient and they’re able to keep up with today’s standards,” says David Graves, High Output Engineering owner.

Peter Hansen is doing his part in the Obama administration’s plan to create green jobs.  Hansen owns Evolve It Motors, a company that is expanding across the country to qualified auto shops that will create hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles.  “When he was first elected and looked at the problem, one of the things he said was ‘I can’t do this on my own’.  So here we are, we’re helping out.  We think that creating jobs across the country and more jobs and training people on green jobs specifically, it should make a difference,” says Hansen.

And the partnership doesn’t end there.  A Sarasota company will provide the battery power.  Braille Battery owner Blake Fuller races a hybrid-powered Nissan Altima to promote green technology.  “With our battery company, our goal was always to lower vehicle weight…because in racing, the lightest car wins.  It makes it the most efficient, and interestingly, when you’re looking at this green race that the entire economy is in right now, to be able to get a product that’s more efficient for our regular automobiles, well, that’s where racing technology really plays in.  So a lighter battery, a more efficient battery, is going to win that race when it comes to the hearts of consumers with green marketing,” says Fuller.

Three businesses, combining their talents to make our world a little more green.

Evolve It Motors hopes to begin work here by June.  If you’d like to learn more visit


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