UK Electric Grid Can Cope with Plug-In Hybrids (PHEV)

By dancurranjr On May 5th, 2009

phev-charging-stationThe UK’s electricity supply system and national grid will be able to cope with a rise in electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle ownership, according to a survey.

A daily peak-use rise of less than 2% is anticipated even if electric and plug-in vehicles account for 10% of all vehicles on Britain’s roads – around three million vehicles.

The Range-Extended Hybrid Electric Vehicle (REHEV) project team, who carried out the survey with input from Ricardo and Jaguar-Land Rover, suggests that some small local improvements to the electricity supply infrastructure may be needed. Overall, though, the national system will be adequate in the short and medium term.

The REHEV team is currently working on a modular, adaptable platform for an electric and diesel-electric vehicle, to be first used for ‘a large premium sport-utility’ – presumably a Land Rover model. This vehicle will have zero-emissions capability, but with the small diesel engine, increased range and emissions still just 120-130g/km of carbon dioxide.

SOURCE: Channel 4

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