Hybrid Car Sales to Jump 7.6-Fold in 12 Years

By dancurranjr On May 13th, 2009

2010-madza3-mpGlobal sales of hybrid motor vehicles will see a 7.6-fold jump to 3.75 million units during the 12-year period to 2020, a research institute said Friday.

But those of electric vehicles will be limited to 135,000 units even in 2020, as the distance the vehicles can travel per recharge is relatively limited and construction of a necessary network of recharging facilities is unlikely to make substantial progress, Fuji Keizai Co said.

Breaking down the hybrids’ sales projection for 2020 by region, the institute forecasts that sales in North America will come to 1.85 million units, six times higher than 2008, while Japanese sales will amount to 800,000 units, up sevenfold.

Since Toyota Motor Corp. and Honda Motor Co. are funneling development resources into efforts to offer affordable hybrids, leading their rivals to scramble to release their own hybrid models, price differences between hybrids and gasoline engine vehicles will likely shrink, it said.

SOURCE: Japan Today

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