Study: 20% of Cars Will Be Hybrids in 2020

By dancurranjr On June 4th, 2009

hybrid-car-parking-only“Is 12 years enough time to get your octane-loving soul behind the wheel of a hybrid?” Motor Trend asks.

One prominent auto industry analyst thinks so. “Based on its latest industry projections, JPMorgan predicts there will be a massive surge in hybrid popularity in the coming years as emissions requirements tighten and hybrid technology costs fall.” While hybrids last year made up just 0.7% of new cars sales globally, JP Morgan’s analysis says “those numbers will surge 13.3%” globally, and 19.4 percent in the U.S., by 2020.

Autoblog adds, “The study suggests that the increase in hybrid vehicle sales will be influenced by such factors such as increased pressure from government agencies to reduce fuel consumption and overall vehicle emissions, as well as a drastic reduction in the cost of hybrid technology.”

The study considers extended-range electric vehicles like the Chevy Volt and Cadillac Converj to be hybrids.

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SOURCE: US News and World Report

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