Citroen C-Cactus 97.4 mpg Hybrid Edges Towards Production

By dancurranjr On October 8th, 2008

A concept car capable of nearly 100 miles per gallon is closer to becoming a real world vehicle, says Citroen. The C-Cactus, which debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show earlier this year, reportedly achieves an off-the-chart 97.4mpg and insanely low emissions of 78g/km CO2 thanks to its diesel-electric hybrid motor. Now Citroen says it’s started on a feasibility project to see if the car could go into production.

I’d love to see this car become reality, not just because of the fuel economy but because of the looks. While the exterior feels original, it’s the design of the interior that’s exceptional.

Citroen’s stripped out as much junk as possible, using just 200 parts inside — around half the number of a typical family car. There’s no dashboard (see photo below), fixed windows (the aircon is supposedly that advanced, though there is a simple slider for toll motorways and the like) and many of the components are made from recycled materials.

The real world C-Cactus, Citroen says, could be a petrol hybrid, diesel hybrid or even an all-electric model like the Smart Ed. It’s just talk for now, but the C-Cactus would certainly give the imminent Honda Insight and today’s Prius a hard time if it hits the roads.

Source: Smart Planet

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