Hybrid Boat Lets You Go Green On The Deep Blue Sea

By dancurranjr On June 2nd, 2009

Every day around San Diego County you see hybrid cars, and the wow factor over the technology is somewhat less than it was a few years back. But when you combine the word ‘hybrid’ with the first ever one-of-a-kind sport boat, then you start to get the attention of people from across the nation.

Chris Anthony, who’s also known for his work with the Hybrid Aptera, has now taken his love for boats to a Hybrid level as his company Epic Wakeboats sets sail on the first ever hybrid electric wakeboat in the world.

“We’ve got 28 batteries in the floor and a diesel generator in the back that runs to recharge the batteries as you go, and an electric drive motor that actually that drives the propeller, and that is what drives the boat,” Chris said.

Chris says it’s faster than their other combustion engine powered boats, and by using more than half the fuel makes it the fastest green boat on the water.

A typical boat you could burn 60 gallons wakeboarding over a day. This gas tank holds 20 gallons and you should be able to easily wakeboard all weekend on that,” he said.

You can run the boat for up to three hours before burning a single drop of fuel. The FLUX propulsion system is so quiet that one may not even know it’s on. But a quick flip of the switch and you’re quickly reminded that you’re on a high powered speed boat. After a day on the water, owners can also just plug the boat in and charge the batteries overnight.

“It’s really just pushing the whole boating industry to kind of get people thinking about the future,” Wakeboarding magazine editor Kevin Michael said.

“It’s almost surreal, the feeling you get when you don’t hear the engine and all you hear is the water around you,” Matt Ostmeyer of Epic Wakeboats said.

While wakeboarders say it is extremely tranquil behind the boat since you don’t have the load engine, it will cost you a pretty penny – upwards of $150,000. But environmentalists and industry experts alike say it’s well worth the price.


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