Kraft Foods Employs First RouteMax Refrigerated Hybrid Truck

By dancurranjr On March 12th, 2009

kraft-foods-logoManufacturer of convenience foods Kraft Foods Inc announced on Wednesday that the company will use an International DuraStar Hybrid delivery trick as a part of its ‘green’ initiative.

The first-of-its-kind diesel-electric hybrid delivery truck from Navistar  is equipped with a RouteMax refrigerated truck body for frozen and refrigerated capabilities.

Kraft Foods is reportedly the first company to roll out this unique diesel-electric hybrid truck, a pilot unit that uses new technology to transport frozen foods, and will use it to transport its line of DiGiorno pizzas.

Mike Cole, director of Transportation, North America, Kraft Foods, said that this truck is a part of the company’s commitment to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The energy-saving system in this new delivery truck is expected to offer Kraft Foods as much as a 30% fuel saving as compared with a traditional diesel powered truck.

SOURCE: Trading Markets

Red Bull Takes Delivery of Hybrid Delivery Trucks

By dancurranjr On August 15th, 2008

Red Bull is one of the latest companies to take delivery of hybrid trucks, according to Navistar, which delivered four International DuraStar delivery trucks to the company earlier this week.

They are the first hybrid trucks to be integrated into Red Bull’s fleet. The hybrid-electric trucks are expected to provide fuel savings of 30-40%, Navistar said in a release. Each truck could save Red Bull as much as US$4,000 per year in fuel costs. The trucks will be used in the Las Vegas metro area.

“We’re proud that Red Bull recognizes the importance of green transportation for the environment,” said Jim Williams, director, sales and distribution, new products, Navistar. “We need more companies like this to take a stance and add hybrid vehicles to their fleets.”

Source: Truck News