Solar Powered Electric Cars Coming From Toyota

By dancurranjr On May 30th, 2009

toyota-electric-solarSolar energy is being used for Toyota electric cars with solar panels mounted on each end of the vehicle. Toyota wants to develop ways to use the energy as a way to charge its electric batteries in hybrid cars. While the method is possible, experts say it will be difficult to consume enough energy from solar methods to power an electric car.

There are other solar-powered energy methods used such as outdoor lamps, which get their energy from the sun during the day and use it at night. However, using the same technology to power a Hybrid electric car is still several years away.

However, it’s possible that Toyota found a way, which we don’t know yet. Solar energy could charge limited batteries to run dashboard functions like car headlights, radio and windshield wipers. Toyota was unavailable for comment.

Hybrid is the new trend to power new electric vehicles. Most car manufactures plan to release their own versions of the electric technology next year. Some companies include General Motors, Ford, Nissan, Chrysler and Toyota.

Rumor of a car getting its energy from a rooftop solar panel first started in July 2008. There were speculations that Toyota would offer such a method on its next generation Prius.

One thing we do know is that Toyota has been using solar panels at its Tsutsumi plant in central Japan. The plant produces its own electricity.


Solar Electric Hybrid Vehicles Go Global to Reduce Carbon Footprint

By dancurranjr On April 15th, 2009

solar-electric-hybridCruise Car, Inc. is pleased to announce the immediate appointment of Mr. Adam Sulimirski as Director of Global Sales. Sulimirski will be responsible for building a domestic and international network of dealerships to sell solar electric low speed vehicles that improve the efficiency of fleet transportation systems. Cruise Car is the market leader for these unique 2-14 passenger transport solutions benefiting college campuses, municipalities, military bases, corporate parks, resorts, federal agencies and all owners of fleet vehicles that seek to improve the efficiency of their transportation systems.

Cruise Car is a division of Eco-Trans Alliance (ETA) of Sarasota, FL which offers comprehensive consultation and solutions to institutions seeking a one stop resource that can significantly reduce their carbon footprint while implementing logical cost savings measures. In addition to solar electric vehicles, Sulimirski will be offering the full line of ETA products such as solar charging stations, rapid chargers, GPS tracking systems, solar roof kits, solar cart barns, prefab solar parking garages and related energy-saving products and services.

“I’ve been involved in building many businesses in my day,” says Sulimirski, “And this is one of the most exciting and timely ventures I’ve been involved with to date. Because of our attention to global warming, carbon footprint and our dependency on foreign oil – Cruise Car is in the right place, with the right mix of products at the right time.”

Ken Chester, President of Cruise Car/ETA, agrees that, “Adam is an asset to our corporation because he knows how to build a strong infrastructure to support vast sales. He is extremely knowledgeable about transportation solutions and is invaluable to clients committed to reducing energy costs associated with transportation.”