Hybrids Finally Get Sexy

By dancurranjr On April 3rd, 2009

fiskerTesla Motors, the California Automotive start up thats only car is a electronic roadster, promised that they’d have a showroom in Miami by the end of March. Hasn’t happened yet, but they swear they’re working on it.

Seems competition in the eco-friendly roadster market is heating up, as the makers of the Fisker Karma are now preparing to release their car to the public. The Karma, a plug-in hybrid, is reported to get up to 100mpg in some circumstances, and can reach a top speed of 125 mph. It goes 0 to 60 in a respectable 5.8 seconds (your hippie aunt’s Prius does 10.4 on its better days. Though the Tesla Roadster can do it in 3.7). All that for the low, low price of only $87,900 …well it’s cheaper than the Tesla.

Fisker begin taking pre-orders last month, and today announced a network of 32 American dealers that will carry the car, including Warren Henry Automobiles in Miami. They’ll begin delivering on private orders later this year, and should have cars in showrooms by 2009. Once production revs up to full speed the company hopes to produce 15,000 cars a year.

SOURCE: Miami News Times

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