2010 Toyota Prius Hybrid Beats Electric Cars

By dancurranjr On June 8th, 2009

priusxThe 2010 Toyota Prius Hybrid is probably one of the biggest success stories for electric cars. Prius is selling so fast that it could rival the 2010 Honda Insight as the most selling hybrid automobile. So far, there have been 110,000 cars sold since its release date in Japan.

Prius is a third-generation vehicle which has prompted higher demand for Toyota. Major dealerships are flooded with orders, and while it’s a different market than in North America, it does give some indication on how well the hybrid could do in the United States. Prior to going on sale, Toyota received 80,000 pre-orders.

Toyota has set its monthly goal at 10,000 new Prius hybrids. If the automaker succeeds the goal, it will become the top-selling car in the country. The Prius is currently battling the 2010 Honda Insight is holding the top spot.

One of the reasons for the sudden increase of sales is partly because the Japanese government is offering new hybrid tax credits. The government also approved a new incentive on Friday, which gives the consumer a cash back rebate for trading in cars 13 years or older. This is one way to get consumers to switch from convention gasoline vehicles to new green cars.

It is now up to the IRS if it wants to extend a hybrid vehicle tax credit for the Prius. There has been some talk of issuing similar government incentives when the Toyota hybrid is released in the United States. The Obama Administration is raising the minimal MPG rating on new cars to 35.

Hybrid cars can save money for consumers, but it depends on the driver. Certain techniques such as coasting to stops before braking will increase mileage on the automobile. Toyota also offers an eight-year warrant which covers all hybrid components for the vehicle.

Toyota is also increasing production for its Prius Hybrid to meet higher demand. The May sales reports will be an interesting study.


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