British Army Takes Delivery of Hybrid Vehicles to Cut CO2 Emissions

By dancurranjr On June 10th, 2009

toyota_priusThe British Army has recently taken delivery of 50 “green cars” as part of its long-term plans to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions produced by its vehicles.

The deal, brokered by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) through its leasing partners Lex and VT Group, concerns 50 Toyota hybrid vehicles, which switch automatically between petrol engine and electric motor, depending on driving conditions.

The cars produce 104g/km of CO2, compared to the 154g/km emissions produced by the vehicles they are replacing.

The Army is working towards a government target to ensure all cars procured between 2007 and 2011 produce on average less than 130g/km of CO2.

The Army has also ordered another 1,250 vehicles, which are due by the end of the year, emitting 119g/km of CO2.

Brigadier Mark Armstrong, who leads the Army’s sustainable development projects, said that with the delivery of hybrid vehicles, the Army was already ahead of schedule in terms of emission targets set for 2011.

It is expected that with further deals to come before 2011, CO2 emissions will be well below the 130g/km target.

SOURCE: Leasing Life

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