Chevy Volt Leapfrogs Toyota’s Prius to Become MPG King

By dancurranjr On December 6th, 2010

Toyota has long held the top spot when it comes to hybrid gas mileage. Hybrid cars from the likes of Honda and BMW may sport cool lines, but they couldn’t beat the mileage that the Prius offered. According to the EPA, the Chevy Volt has now eclipsed the hybrid king with an estimated 60 mpg rating.

The problem with new hybrid or EVs is that the technology behind the cars isn’t well known to many consumers. The EPA hopes to sort out the issue by creating fuel economy ratings that represent battery-only, gas-only, or a gas and battery combination. In the case of the Volt, that familiar black and white sticker will say that the car can get 93 miles-per-gallon-equivalent (mpg-e) and 37 mpg from the gas motor.

While these numbers may not top the Leaf’s electric-only 99 mpg, the Volt’s gasoline engine may sway many car buyers. Chevy has been pushing the fact that the gasoline motor can relieve range anxiety in drivers because there simply isn’t a reliable nationwide network of charging stations. If there’s no network drivers may stuck within a small radius of their home charging station. In fact, Chevy is so obsessed with the range anxiety issue that they’ve investigated copyrighting the term.

SOURCE: TaintedGreen

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