Prius Contributes to UK Low Transport Plans

By dancurranjr On December 15th, 2010

Car finance buyers looking to improve their carbon footprint might be interested in the Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid.

The motor has qualified for the government’s ultra-low carbon vehicle grant scheme, which gives people purchasing a green motor up to £5,000 to help with the cost.

In addition, the automobile is able to run on its lithium-ion battery for up to 12.5 miles and can do 62 mph without emitting tailpipe emissions and with zero fuel consumption.

Jon Williams, Toyota managing director, welcomed the car’s acceptance into the initiative, saying the brand has been recognised as having the potential to make a “valuable contribution” to the UK’s low transport plans.

He added: “Toyota is committed to developing sustainable low emissions mobility and Prius Plug-in marks an important step in our environmental leadership, delivering exceptional emissions and fuel performance in urban driving.”

Last month, the manufacturer celebrated delivering its 20 millionth vehicle in Europe.

SOURCE: Car Loan 4U

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