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Toyota’s Prius to Become Top Japan Seller — Ever

Posted on December 7, 2010
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It’s probably not rocket science to suggest that Toyota Motor Corp.’s hit Prius hybrid will grab the top spot in sales by model this year in Japan. After all, it’s been the No. 1 seller for the past 18 straight months through November.

But few would have predicted that the apparent prince of eco-cars would be so mighty that it would become the best-selling model in the history in the country, beating the 20-year-old record posted by a Toyota mainstay volume model: The red-hot hybrid is set to unseat the Corolla to become the biggest-ever annual volume vehicle in Japan. Toyota sold 297,563 Priuses in its home market in the first 11 months of the year. That January-November number is just 2,445 short of the country’s record annual sales by model of 300,008 vehicles logged by the Corolla in 1990, and as the Nikkei business daily suggests, even allowing for an industry-wide sales slowdown, the Corolla record is about to be overtaken, since Toyota has sold at least 20,000 Prius cars every month this year so far.

This will be some milestone. While the Corolla record came when Japan’s overall auto sales posted an all-time annual high of 7.78 million vehicles, for this year, auto sales will likely come to around 5.0 million, 36% lower than the 1990 record.

Meanwhile the Prius’ global performance shows a strong 36% jump in sales to 438,270 in the January-October period, according to the latest available data from Toyota. Its domestic sales accounted for a big chunk of 63% of the overall sales in that term, helped by government buying incentives to spur sales of fuel-efficient vehicles.

But for every silver lining there’s a cloud: A question remains as to how Prius sales will fare, like the rest of the Japanese industry, now that the government aid program has expired. And in a slightly worrying sign, Prius sales have turned lower each month on a year-earlier basis since September, when grants expired.


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