Volvo To Create Hybrid Hydrogen Electric Car

By dancurranjr On December 3rd, 2010

With all the progress and fast paced movement forward to be made in the field of science and technology, every now and then there comes a piece of news that is not only scientifically advanced but also environmentally sound and ecologically harmonious.

The latest such news piece to hit the technological scene is reports of the automobile maker Volvo’s decision to create a hybrid hydrogen electric car. Modeled the C30 as yet, the concept underlines a vehicle that will have a 94 mile range. A special feature to be added to this electrical car is that it will be equipped with a fuel cell and a reformer will be a part of the car mechanisms as well. The reformer will work to create hydrogen from gasoline and this is being used to expand the range of the car by as much as 155 miles.

The vehicle has been named the C30 DRIVe Electric concept and it is a mixture between a hydrogen powered and an electric plug in concept car. Where the car steps away from other environmentally sound hybrid cars is by using the gasoline production to create more power.

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